Membership Criteria

FPGI is a not for profit association of practicing financial planners who are registered with SEBI as Investment Adviser, which confers very important benefits to its members.

FPGI Membership Benefits

As a member you would be

  • Among elite group of SEBI Registered practicing planners

  • Learning – things that will help you in serving clients

  • Acquiring knowledge on practice management

  • Able to write for media

  • Quarterly Financial Planning Newsletter, with your branding – check sample

  • Interactions, which enrich immensely

There are benefits in becoming a member but membership criteria for being a part of The Financial Planners’ Guild, India and keeping the membership, need to be carefully followed .

Membership Criteria for Aspiring Candidates

The following are the membership criteria that needs to be satisfied by aspiring candidates, to become members –

  • They have to be  Registered with SEBI as Investment Adviser.

  • They must be offering detailed financial planning / Advisory services.

  • They should be able to provide a Financial Plan and they should be prepared to be examined on the plan submitted.

A membership form needs to be completed for the purpose.

Basic Criteria for Retaining Membership

FPGI as an organization imposes certain responsibilities on each of its members. Once they become members, they would have to do the following to retain membership.

  1. Writing for the blog ( Minimum 2 articles in a year ) – check articles by members

  2. Conducting & participating in training programs for the members.

  3. Organising/ participating in corporate programs.

  4. Active participation in any other activity like mentorship, writing a book etc., which we keep doing from time to time.

  5. Participate in Annual Conference/ Regional Conferences and meetings.

The rules are automatically applied and members not satisfying the criteria are excluded.

Membership Fees :  Annual Rs 1000/-

Download the Membership Form

Our Membership is Open Now – You can submit your details in this contact form & we will get in touch with you soon.

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