Workshops for Corporates

FPG India has conducted the following workshops till date. If you wish to have us conduct a workshop in your corporate, please do contact us.

United Benetton Ltd, Gurgaon

This was the first workshop conducted by FPGI in 2011.A group of 22 employees gathered to gain awareness on benefits of financial planning. There was a brief presentation by FPGI members on various aspects of personal finance. Post presentation the attendees raised their queries with some sharing their experience on investment mistakes they made while some understood the process of a financial planner.

Nutek, Gurgaon

This is the second in line with our corporate workshops.  A crowd of young and senior executives gathered to gain knowledge on financial planning process and benefits of taking a financial planning approach in their life. The queries from attendees were overwhelming with thrust on understanding the benefits of creating a financial plan.

Winshuttle, Chandigarh

The workshop was attended mostly by new joiners in the organization. Keen to learn managing their personal finance, the attendees responded with lot of queries. Right from understanding basic of creating a budget to importance of portfolio reviews, the audience was eager to avoid mistakes what others have done and manage their personal finance more efficiently.

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EBIX Software, Noida

Individuals with different age group attended the workshop to gain insight on benefits of financial planning. The audience raised queries ranging from debt management to retirement planning, making the workshop a grand success. The same was highly appreciated by the management and the company awarded certificate of appreciation to FPGI.

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Letter of appreciation to FPGI by  EBIX Software

 HDFC Mutual Fund, Mumbai

This is a program conducted exclusively for the Sales &  Marketing team of HDFC Mutual fund in Mumbai. The idea was to sensitise the team to the importance of financial Planning  and how it will be useful to them and to their clients. There was also a Game which we played to help them understand the importance of asset allocation and choice of investments, which was well received. We also had a Financial Planning Clinic at the end of the session, where our team of Financial Planners offered advice on real-life problems confronting them, which again was highly appreciated.

Bharti AXA Insurance, Mumbai

This was a program conducted for their employees, again as an initiation into Financial Planning. It was a mixed audience from different departments and there were lot of questions at the end of the session. We also showed them an actual Financial Plan, which piqued their interest.  The program in a presentation format was appreciated and well received.

GTL Infrastructure Ltd, Mumbai

Program was conducted at their headoffice in Navi Mumbai and was attended by personnel across departments and levels. This was a full program comprising of a game & Financial Planning clinic and offered the participants insights into Financial Planning process, a glimpse of how important asset allocation is to one’s portfolio and a taste of what a Financial Planning engagement will be like. Program was met with an overwhelming response.

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