Financial Planning Workshops – Improve your Financial Health : Take help of Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process which helps in achieving goals through proper Financial Management. Here we study the current situation, diagnose problems, suggest remedies & help in achieving wellness. This structured approach can help you take the Holistic view of your life and finances and you will be able to take your Financial Decisions in alignment with your life goals.

Thereby improving your Financial Health!

This session will be conducted by ‘Certified Financial Planners’ – it will help you understand the various aspects of personal finance, the importance of financial planning and how it can help you achieve your goals in life.

Workshop Flow: (Total-Duration 4 Hours)

Session I: (Duration 1.5 Hours)

10 minutes: Introduction session

  • Introduction
  • Workshop Flow
  • Expected Benefits from the Workshop

1 Hour 10 minutes : Presentation on – “What is Financial Planning?”

  • Life Aspirations Overview – Fulfilling commitments, Meeting life goals, Financial Security & independence
  • Our Personal Finance Behavior – Spending habits, earnings, risk attitude, investing, retirement, loans, risk management, tax management, uncertainties in life, budgeting etc.
  • Financial Planning
  • Misconceptions regarding Financial Planning
  • Introduction to Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Defining the Process
  • Benefits
  • Contents of a Financial Plan
  • Showing a Sample Financial Plan
  • Role of a Financial Planner
  • Benefits
  • Who qualifies to be a Financial Planner

Session II: (Duration 1.5 Hours)

1 Hour 10 minutes : Activity based Game on “Financial Planning”

  • Introduction to the concept – Exploring the inter relationships of various financial decisions and understanding the impact of uncertainties of real life on your personal finance situation.
  • Making Teams and Distribution of the game sheets
  • Analysis of the answers

10 minutesRoll up session

  • Feedback form
  • Introduction to Financial Planning Clinic and the process
  • Distribution of the Analysis Form for the clinic

10 minutesRefresh and Rejoin

  • Break
  • Submission of Analysis Form with the planners

Session III: (Duration 1 Hour)

1 HourFinancial Planning Clinic

  • In person Counseling sessions
  • Review of the Analysis form
  • Team of Financial Planners consulting on one to one basis
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