Financial Planning Activity

Do I ‘save’ enough to buy/ enjoy everything I want?

Is my current planning ‘right’ to repay all my loans?

Will my family get ‘taken care of’ in case I don’t survive tomorrow?

Am I sure to ‘continue’ the same lifestyle after I retire?

FPGI welcomes you to the ‘Financial Planning Clinic’ to satisfy yourself with many more such questions related to your personal finance.

Why Should You Attend?

  1. To get committed time and one to one counseling by a team of practicing Financial Planners holding the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM, CFP certification
  2.  To see how some of the myths regarding your finances are busted!
  3.  To understand the science of Financial Planning which takes into account your income streams, expenses, constraints, wishes and responsibilities and help you do optimal management of your finances
  4.  To learn the objective way of looking at your finances and doing away with random, impulsive and mostly suboptimal financial decisions
  5. To see an actual financial plan

There will be absolutely ‘No Sales’ and ‘Unsolicited follow-ups’ during and after the clinic. It is only an awareness drive meant for your benefit. Any piece of information, recommendation or advice given to you during the workshop will be purely suggestive in nature and any implementation thereafter will be your decision.

Program Details

Session I : Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

30 minutes: Introduction and Presentation and discussion on – “Your Financial Behaviour”

  •  Life Aspirations Overview

Fulfilling commitments, Meeting life goals, Financial Security & independence

  •  Roadblocks

This section includes discussion on what we think and feel regarding various aspects of personal finance like spending habits, earnings, risk attitude, investing, retirement, loans, risk management, tax management, uncertainties in life, budgeting etc.


30 minutes: Presentation and discussion on – “What is Financial Planning?”

  • Financial Planning
    • Introduction to Comprehensive Financial Planning
    • Financial Planning Constituents, process and benefits
  • Financial Planner
    • Who qualifies to be a Financial Planner
    • Benefits of engaging a financial planner


30 minutes: Sample financial plan walkthrough


Session II : Duration: 20 minutes per individual/ family (time slot will be given on first come basis)

  • One to one counseling sessions

Your questions may range from general financial planning, investment and insurance planning, retirement and estate planning to tax and debt management.


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