Mentorship Program for CFP Certificants

The Dronacharya Gurukul

Under this banner and in line with our mandate of promoting professional excellence, we would be conducting programs for our members and others from our Financial Planner community.

Bringing out the diamonds within is a mentorship Program where we propose to train & mentor those who have completed a financial planning course, in an actual practice environment.

Who is eligible ?

A candidate for this purpose (called a Mentee from now on) would be someone who completes a financial planning course and has acquired certification ( if they have appropriate experience ). It also includes those who have only completed the education ( which includes those who have completed all examination requirements ) though they may not be eligible for certification as they may not fulfill the appropriate experience criteria.

Details about Bringing out the diamonds within

This program is to address the lack of practical knowledge on part of the new Financial Planners and help them gain insights & experience so that they may become good financial planners.

The  Mentees  would work with one of our members who has opted for the program ( all our members are practicing Financial Planners ) and gain practical knowledge and experience on financial planning. The Mentee will be taken through the entire gamut of Financial Planning & personal finance areas, including Financial Plan construction. This program is for a period of six months ( and can be extended upto one year ). Towards that end, some of our members who have come forward, would accept Mentees under them.

The Mentee can choose from among the members who are participating in the program. Similarly, the member would scrutinize the potential Mentee and choose to accept or reject a candidate based on any test/ interview etc., they may conduct. If the Mentee does not have any preference of members, they will be put to another member. Mentees can also indicate their location preference, if any.

We have members in Mumbai and suburbs, Delhi & NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur. The list of members who have opted for this program and who will be taking Mentees under them, can be found at the end.

The program is designed to bring out the diamond in you. This is not an employment offer. There is no remuneration being offered; nor is any fee being charged. However, the member & mentee are free to discuss and decide the period of training ( 6 months ) and remuneration if any.

Who is this program targeted at ?

This program is targeted at candidates who do not have work experience (college pass-outs). This may not suit an experienced distributor/ agent, as the program will clash with their existing work schedule.

Granular details

  1. There is no fee for this program.
  2. The Mentee will come to the members office / place of work for the period of training.
  3. This is a full time program and the Mentee should be available throughout the day for the program.
  4. At the end of the program, based on the report given by the member, FPGI would issue a certificate of completion of the program.

The obvious advantages of enrolling for the program

  1. Get groomed by a practicing financial planner.
  2. Get practical insights and real world knowledge on Financial Planning.
  3. Fill the gaps in knowledge and skills with this program.
  4. Increase your employability due to the knowledge and experience gained.
  5. If found good, there is a possibility of being absorbed for employment with the mentor or one of the members of FPGI.

How do you apply ?

Send in your detailed CVs to us to evaluate your candidature and get back to you. Those who are open about working with any assigned member and are open about location, stand a higher chance of selection. Email your CV to [email protected]

Currently Opportunity is available with:

  • Suresh Sadagopan – Ladder 7 Financial Advisories – Mumbai
  • Hemant Beniwal – Ark Financial Planners – Jaipur
  • Jitendra Solanki- JS Financial Advisors –  Delhi/NCR
  • Prakash Praharaj-Max Secure Financial Planners- Mumbai
  • Manikaran Singal-Marvel Investments- Chandigarh

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    I appreciate your initiative. Such great steps are highly motivating for new comers in the CFP field.

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