Why SEBI Registered Investment Advisers ?

Just like you prefer at least an MBBS doctor or a qualified lawyer, or a chartered accountant, should you not let your money be managed by a qualified adviser?

Recognizing the need to regulate investment advice, SEBI has, since early 2013, mandated that every person rendering investment advice be registered with the regulator. The regulations demand that the investment adviser should have the identified qualification, must have minimum experience and follow the prescribed compliance framework in order to get registered with SEBI. In fact there is a specified code  of conduct which the regulator has mandated to be followed by all Registered Adviser. Read here what the code of conduct says –

SEBI Code Of Conduct

Since all these measures ensures that adviser meets a certain level of compliance, puts in place a process driven methodology and adheres to professional standards and values, it is best in your interest in the long term to be assisted by a registered investment adviser.

Personal finance is not difficult, we all know. Behavioral finance is more important than finance. Good things happen when you make a plan. You get visibility; manage risks, plan for your goals, possibly increase your returns and reduce your costs. How the plan should be strategized? What’s the best way to prioritize the actions? How to target an optimum asset allocation? How to integrate an investment plan to adjusted for your risk profile, asset allocation and goals? The good advisers can suggest best possible answers. They walk hand in hand with you. They talk about goals & solutions, not products. They understand the difference between information vs transformation.

Choose an adviser who is trustworthy and who follows the regulations that are made in your favor.

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