Author name: Subhabrata Ghosh

Subhabrata Ghosh is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM, Practitioner. He provides financial advisory services to individuals, families, professionals and businessmen. He likes to work as their financial coach to help them achieve their dreams by creating customized plans for their financial freedom and fulfillment of their financial commitments. Since he has a penchant for educating others in the field of investments and financial planning, he organizes financial literacy awareness campaigns in corporate houses, residential apartments, clubs, associations and other forums and gatherings. He writes blogs for Financial Planners' Guild India to inculcate awareness among the masses about personal finance. He is also a visiting faculty member of the International College of Financial Planning. In all his conversations, writings and teachings, he avoids technical jargon and drives home his insights and opinions about personal finance in a lucid language. According to him, financial planning is a continuous process which acts as a roadmap to clients in their journey of achieving financial milestones.

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