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Book – Financial Planning Essentials for Software Professionals

It is well known that software professionals are good at crunching numbers. But when it comes to managing personal finance many lacks the understanding of even the basic concepts. software professionals

This book by CNBC TV 18 aims to be a guide for software professionals to get acquainted with financial concepts and products. It begins by suggesting how you can make your life goals into smart goals, a precondition to planning for them. Then it gives you relevant exposure to financials instruments-equity,mutual funds, debt products, gold and silver and real estate-which, in right combination, leads you to fulfilling your objective. Amongst others relevant and lucidly explained financial planning tenets, it contains sections on taxation, bonuses and ESOPs that are crafted keeping in mind the financial predicaments that Software professionals may typically face. Most importantly, it tells you how you can maintain and augment the wealth that you have garnered and access it when you require it.

It cautions you about the importance of having a backup plan and advises you regarding how you can construct one with the help of insurance products. It also guides you on associated aspects such as dealing with foreign exchange income.

Finally it leaves you with golden rules to follow, irrespective of your plan or the route to success and few case studies of IT Professionals from following Financial Planners who are members of FPGI-

  1. Hemant Beniwal
  2. Jitendra Solanki
  3. Kiran Telang
  4. Manikaran Singal
  5. Steven Fernandes

These case studies helps in understanding the practical applications of various personal finance aspects which are covered in the book.

So go ahead and buy one for you.



But remember, the book is just the beginning. Once you are done reading, create a financial plan and execute it promptly. Then, conduct regular reviews so that you can sit back and enjoy watching it perform wonders for you.

Happy Reading!!!!!


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